Western Canadian sales team

The Firm Marketing Team has a sales force spread across Western Canada.   With several local reps in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Mantioba, the Firm has the ability to market products with professionalism and rapid execution while offering our clients quick response times and trusting relationships. 

ProDUct experts 

The Firm has a mandate to help our clients be the best in class suppliers of the products we sell.   The Firm executes this by product training, regular face to face visits, budgeting and assistance in maximizing profitability.   

Our promise 

The Firm prides itself on putting you, our dealer, first.   We know this sounds generic, but it's true.   We will assist you in ensuring that our products are profitable in your store.  We will train your staff to sell our products and we will work with your management team to properly buy and sell our products to maintain proper inventory turns and profitability.  We understand that a long-lasting relationship is built on trust as well as our team working hard to show positive progress for your company.